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Munden Interactive Emt's and Paramedic's best friend for tests? PDF Print E-mail
Written by EMT PARAMEDIC   
Thursday, 11 April 2013 23:19
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Munden Interactive Emt's and Paramedic's best friend for tests?
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So it looks like MundenInteractive.com is going to be the new leader in online testing. It looks like id44.com has somehow merged with mundeninteractive.com. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better MundenInteractive.com looks to merge with Id44.com. MundenInteractive.com is what they call a (CAT System)Forrest Munden figured out how to replicate the National Registry Exam testing process. So now, when you taking MundenInteractive.com exam you are pretty much taking the national Registry exam. Over 500 students from the Northern California, Oregon, and Washington area used Munden Interactive prior to taking NREMT exam. It turns out that they had a pass rate of over 85% compared to the normal 65% that takes the National Registry Test. Very impressive! It looks like Id44.com is going to be exclusively a reference website, while MundenInteractive.com looks to be the testing website. I guess if you merge those two types of learning tools together you cannot go wrong! Forrest Munden will be doing interview with us next month in regards to the new testing system. Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:07
Welcome to National Registry Paramedic! We are changing the site around so please bare with us while we make our changes!
This weeks Paramedic article "What web site did you use to study the for the NREMT exam?" Read more..>>

This weeks Paramedic article "What web site did you use to study the for the NREMT exam?" Read more..>>

talks about NREMT preparation, good EMT/Paramedic study guides, and the best websites to train on in order to get you ready to take the National Registry exam. The results from our last poll titled "What web site did you use to study the for the NREMT exam?" are in, and it turns out that id44.com was far and away the leader. Users of the website noted that many similar questions used on this website were also on the National Registry Exam, and as far as free EMT and Paramedic tests go, no other site was close.
"I was able to use a lot of their material on their website and blogs, but the paid tests seem to have all the NREMT test tips" said Ray Fitch (newly licensed Paramedic) Read more..>>
We added some id44 free EMT and Paramedic test links here, or you can just go to their website by clicking here =id44.com

National Registry Paramedic has been set up to help EMTs become Paramedics. If you are entering Paramedic school or if you are currently in Paramedic school National Registry Paramedic is the place to be. We will help you focus your studies by showing you everything you need to know. We will not waste your time with tons if useless information.

We are just starting to add Paramedic Tests. Our main system is not set up yet, so if you want to purchase a paramedic test click on the button below. If you purchase our Paramedic tests, you will receive a download immediatly after you make your purchase!
Nobody can beat the price for all you get, check it out!

Buy an NREMT-P study guide now (EMSNOTES.com's guide) Guide to the exam

Purchase a NREMT- P style paramedic exam NOW!


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Saturday, 07 January 2012 12:00

Stick to us National Registry Paramedic.com

The newly updated edition of Barronas Paramedic test prep manual prepares applicants to qualify for a paramedic license. Presented here are three full-length model examsaone in the book and two more on the CD-ROM. Each consists of multiple-choice questions with answer sheets and answer keys for self-testing. Subject review chapters cover the following paramedical topics: airway and breathing, cardiology, medical, obstetrics/gynecology/pediatrics, and operations. The author also offers helpful test-taking advice.

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Written by EMT PARAMEDIC   
Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:00

The best Paramedic and EMT exam websites article,

Hello again this is Randy Erbe!

In this weeks web site review, we will answer the age old question. "What is the best book and or web site to study for the National Registry?"
As you know, there are a ton of web sites out there that train, or "claim" to prepare you for the NREMT exam, and in that mass of web sites a very few rise to the occasion. Have no fear! because there is one web site that has made a name for itself over the past few years, and if you are in the EMS world you are just as likely to hear the name "id44.com" as to hear the name Brady..maybe even more so now. Id44.com is a little known secret on the net amongst those in the Paramedic, EMT, and Firefighter industry. It was created by a former EMT and now Paramedic named Forrest Munden. Forrest said that he started the web site a few years back, because he thought there was a need for a good free EMT exam and Test web site on the net, for those whom are looking to train for state exams or for the National Registry Exam. "I looked all over the net, and there simply were no web sites that offered free emt training or tests" said Forrest. Soon after that id44.com made it's way onto the net. Id44.com offers various ffree exams for those who just wish to train, or brush up, but if you are looking for the real good study tips to help you prepare, nobody does it like id44.com! You see, id44.com offers paid exams in conjunction with it's free tests, and in those tests are what some call the best EMT and Paramedic tips on the net! "I try to keep my hand on the pulse of the NREMT (National Registry) I direct my questions on what you need to know to pass! I DO NOT GIVE ANSWERS to the test, that would be illegal, but I so provide students and educators valuable insight to what may be on the exam" said Forrest during my interview. So, this seems like a pretty good method to create a web site Wouldn't you agree? id44.com monitors all kinds of traffic in it's web blog's and chat rooms, college classrooms, and emails, then incorporates that secret knowledge into it's EMT web site and exams.
In conclusion I think that id44.com is going to be a powerhouse in the EMS world (If not already), and it looks like Munden Medical is the little "sleeping giant" on the rise to defeat Pearson Hall and Brady.So there you go! Even Google recognizes id44.com as the big fish in the ocean of EMT and Paramedic Preparation) Don't just take my word for it, click here to do a search on Google for "EMT test" and find out who is number one!
Here's a link to their site

That's it for this until next week!
See you in the field!
Randy Erbe
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